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expensive, fast, good capabilities + service.
in thailand, very cheap, fairly long 10-14 day turnaround, good work. I used them for a fairly large project and had no bad boards. Somewhat limited in minimum drill and trace sizes.
12 day turnaround, soldermask plus silkscreen, accepts gerbers, cheap (four 3x4" boards with mask+silkscreen for $80)
ships next day. 2 layer, no soldermask or silkscreen. accepts gerbers. 4 3x4" boards for $63.60, 10 for $96, also 60 in^2, 2 layer, soldermask+legend, min quant 4, $33 each.
anything up to 60 sq inches, no min quant. 2 layers, mask, silkscreen, free shipping, $25 each. (may be one-time offer)